Here at Saving Imperial Schuver Dog Rescue, Inc., we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for 'at risk' shelter dogs, many times those who have medical issues or have been abandoned by their humans because they are old or cannot be cared for any longer.

Our primary focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, then re-home these beautiful creatures who may otherwise die cold, scared, and alone in the shelters.

We are a volunteer based organization and operate solely with the love, time and support of friends and family who give of themselves...donate their time, open their homes to foster and help rehabilitate, and make personal donations to help in our cause.

100% of ALL donations go directly to the medical and wellness care for all the animals we rescue, whether from local shelters or through owner surrenders. We are currently a Non-Profit organization with the State of California and Charitable 501c3 with the IRS (EIN 82-5310065).

"My Life Mattered" ~ Imperial Schuver

My name is Imperial and I was only 3 or 4 years old when I was rescued from the streets of Watts, CA., completely abused and neglected and broken.

After I was picked up and taken to the vet, it was discovered that I had several pelvic fractures, my jaw was broken in 4 separate places, I was covered in fleas and ticks and had worms coming out of me. I was skin and bones and only weighed 4 lbs. Both of my eyes had ulcerations as well and I could barely open them. I had an abscess on my face that ruptured, all from the infection due to my jaw fractures.

I was unable to stand or walk, and had to be kept on pain medication my entire stay with my vet. They also had to insert a feeding tube into my neck because I was unable to eat or drink on my own.

Despite all the love and medical care I received, I only lived one week after being rescued by my Mommies. My frail little body could not withstand the torture I had been through in my short life.

I had a lot of people who didn’t give up on me though, I was given every chance to live because of so many good and loving humans who rallied to save my life. They said MY LIFE MATTERED to them.

Please won’t you continue to save other little abused babies just like me? Please tell the world that OUR LIVES MATTER! Don’t let me have died in vain, please tell the WORLD that abuse and neglect of all animals, just like me, IS NOT OK.